​Head on over to photo galleries & sales. Although I specialize in wildlife photography, as well as Maine seascapes and coastal scenes, my new photography site at bethparksphoto.com will feature a broad selection of my photos from all over the globe. You can order photos in an amazing variety of sizes and finishes, including giclée watercolor and canvas. You will also discover a broad choice of photographic gift items.

Click on the newspaper articles link to view my travel features and other articles published in the Bangor Daily News. You can safely download the PDFs and zoom the images for easy reading.

You can preview my books by clicking on this books link. My books:

A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life and The Sea Cow: A Rhyming Tale Set in Acadia National Park

are now for sale on amazon.com in both print and Kindle editions. 

My photo portfolio page contains representative samples of my photographic work.

This small collection includes representative pictures of people, places and wildlife around the world.

Banner photos above: Indian Roller, Madhya Pradesh, India (left); Sailing Under the Southern Cross, off the east coast of South America (middle);

Pot of Gold, Outer Bar Island, Corea, Maine, USA (right). All photographs © 2013 by Beth Parks, Ed.D. (All rights reserved.) 

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Click on the Vietnam War Nurse topics link if you are curious about what life was like for nurses in MASH and evacuation hospitals during 1966-67. My 43-minute film, A Chunk of My Soul, received rave reviews

for its powerful portrayal of the Vietnam War from a nurse's perspective. 

When my schedule permits, I enjoy making Maine sea wreaths. Check with me for availability.

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