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This super-smooth, compact 2mm styrene board cleanly backs your print, providing durability and protection against dents, bangs and warping. Available in two colors: Black or White.

Paper, Mounting, Framing, and Finish Options

Large, 252-piece puzzle measures 14 inches by 10 inches and has a glossy finish. 
It comes in a black box with a 5 x 7 print of the image on top of the box. 
Box measures 5.625" x 7.625" x 1.2".

Merchandise - Household

Greeting Cards

The mousepad measures 9 x 7.75 inches, so your mouse has room to move. It's made of high-density neoprene with a linen cover that won't let the mouse skip. It's easy to clean, with stain resistant finish. 
Color reproduction is not as accurate as with photographic prints or with gifts with a hard surface, such as buttons.

Prints are mounted onto sturdy Gator Foamboard, a very rigid foamboard and lightweight backing with a white finish.

Photo T-shirts 

T-shirts are made from 100% cotton and are bright white and short-sleeved.
Photo T-shirts are available in youth sizes S, M, L, and XL, adult sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.
T-shirts have satisfactory color reproduction, but not as accurate as photographic prints or hard-surface gifts like buttons.

Stretch/staple mounting is a unique way to display your images like a fine art canvas. The print is stretched to the edge of a 3/4" thick wooden frame, and stapled around the edges, leaving the full image on the front. Perfect for framing.

Paper Types

float-mounted MetalPrints
ready-to-hang ThinWraps
giclée watercolor prints

Giclée canvas prints

canvas wraps
canvas stretch/staple
canvas board

Frames & mats

bevel mount

3/4" standout

protective coatings
satin laminate

merchandise -

great gift ideas

Mounting Options

Paper Textures and Finishes

Brilliant color reproduction on hardwood panels.
Sides and back are black with easel back.
Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, scuffs, scratches, water and fading.

Photo Mousepad 


Choose from 14 different high quality wood and metal frames. They arrive ready to display with hardware attached and clear, shatterproof acrylic front.

Satin Laminate  

Beautiful and strong, this Satin Laminate finish protects your print from everyday wear and tear. And it gives your photo a polished, gentle sheen.

All prints are 100% guaranteed. See FAQs at for details.

Merchandise - Great Gift Ideas  

Consider having your favorite Beth Parks photos adorn a great selection of merchandise. They make fabulous gifts! Click on an item in the table to see the image below. Get creative, and have fun!

Hardwood Photo Panel

Additional Frameless Mounting Options

Photo Stickers 

Photo prints with excellent color reproduction on twenty 1.6" x 2.25" stickers. All the stickers come on one sheet, and are pre-cut.
These stickers are a great way to add a personalized touch to your greetings or to label your children's belongings.

Beautiful keepsake box made of solid wood, polished to a gorgeous shine. It has a cherry finish and a soft and velvety cream-colored interior.
Your 4.25" by 4.25" square image (or cropped portion of an image) is printed on ceramic tile and inlaid on top of the box.
Box dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" x 2.25" high.

 desktop organizer
hardwood photo panel
photo puzzle
photo keepsake box
 photo mousepad photo playing cards4x8 flat greeting cards5x7 folded greeting cards
4x6 postcardsrefrigerator magnetsceramic photo mugsphoto luggage tags
photo buttonsphoto coastersphoto tote bag
photo ceramic tile mosaic
photo ceramic tilephoto stickersphoto key tag
photo T-shirts
 photo apron

Durable, dye-infused aluminum sheets with incredible detail and luminescence. Dyes infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets create truly archival works of art. MetalPrints showcase a revolutionary new medium that is highly durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and ultra scratch-resistant. High-gloss sheen gives your photos a vibrant luminescence with incredible detail and resolution.

Each MetalPrint comes backed with two 3/4" thick lightweight foam blocks and aluminum plate with drilled holes for easy hanging. When hung, these stunning prints will float off the wall.
Each print has rounded corners for your safety and the surface can be easily cleaned with any commercial glass cleaner.

Paper, Mounting, Framing, Finish Options Table 

Welcome to my Photo Gallery
​and Sales Information.

Float Mounted MetalPrints 

Ceramic Photo Mugs 

Mugs are available in black or white.
The photo on the mug typically faces you while drinking if you're holding the mug in your right hand. You can ask to reverse the side.
Color reproduction on mugs is not as accurate as on photographic prints.
Mugs are very durable and are microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Photo Puzzle 

Keepsake Box 

5x7 Folded Cards
The 5x7 cards come printed on luxuriously thick card stock, folded in the middle. They have a matte finish with a UV coating that gives the outside just a hint of sheen. The inside is smooth enough to pen a personal message. You can purchase just one card or packs of 10 or 25. The cards come with envelopes.
Both types of cards come in an impressive selection of themes. When you choose to create a card using one or more gallery photos, browse through the designs at the bottom of the page. Choose the design that best meets you needs and drop the photo(s) into it. 

Prints are a stylish, low-cost alternative to traditional framing. The print is wrapped around a stretcher frame so that 1 3/4" of the photo's edges are visible on the sides of the frame. They're delivered display-ready with hanging hardware attached.

Paper Types


  • Glossy: shiny finish
  • Lustre: vibrant colors of glossy, but with a fingerprint-resistant matte finish
  • Metallic: rich, distinctive prints with a huge "WOW!" factor
  • Giclée: prints made by a large format inkjet printer using premium, archival inks

4x8 Flat Cards  
Use Beth's photos to create your own stunning and personalized greeting cards. Beth's photos, your words.
The 4x8 flat cards come in lustre, glossy and matte finishes. You can write a message on the back. Buy them in packs of 10, 50 or 100.

Canvas Board 

Canvas prints are available in three different mounting options: Canvas Wrap, Canvas Stretch/Staple, and Canvas Board. 

Photo Buttons 
Durable aluminum button, with clear mylar covering and a sturdy pin for fastening. Available in 4-inch (at left and below) and 3-inch diameters.
Buttons have very accurate color reproduction, but not as accurate as photographic prints.

Beautiful desk organizer, made of solid mahogany. Three sections to hold your pens, pencils and other office items.
A 4.25" by 4.25" square image (or cropped portion of an image) is printed on ceramic tile and inlaid on the front of the organizer.
Box dimensions: 5" wide x 5" high x 2" deep. 

Ready to Hang Thinwraps 

Giclée Canvas Prints 

Photo Key Tag 

Made from hard plastic with rounded corners. Measures 1.75" x 2.25". Extremely durable plastic: does not bend.
The hole will be punched in the upper right corner in portrait images and in the upper left corner for landscape photos.
Key tags have good color reproduction, but not as accurate as photographic prints.

Photo Ceramic Tile 

6 x 6 inches, extremely durable glossy finish and beveled edges.
Color reproduction is good, but not as accurate as photographic prints.

Bevel Mount 

4x6 Postcards 

Printed using HP Indigo 5000 digital offset presses on heavy card stock. On the image side, there is a glossy, UV and water resistant coating. The back side is a standard template with address and stamp areas.
It's our most popular gift with excellent color reproduction.

Photo Aprons  
​Aprons are a machine-washable, 50/50 cotton polyester blend with durable heavy-duty stitching. Each apron measures 33 inches from top edge to bottom edge (approximately 24 vertical inches are pictured in this photo on a 6-foot, 4-inch man).
Aprons have satisfactory color reproduction, but not as accurate as photographic prints or hard-surface gifts like buttons.

Desktop Organizer 


Canvas Stretch/Staple 


Merchandise Items Table 

This feather-light, ready-to-hang option is a contemporary favorite! Prints are mounted on a block with thick black edges, letting your photo stand off the wall. Pre-drilled holes are included on the back for easy hanging.

Canvas Wraps 

Photo Playing Cards 

Giclée Watercolor Prints 

Ready-to-hang canvas prints wrapped around a wooden frame or rigid board.
The Giclée process prints directly onto museum-quality canvas material, so prints will not separate over time. Protective spray coating is applied to the surface of each print to help prevent scratches and other damage.

Beautiful metallic prints with smooth satin laminate neatly wrapped around sturdy, 3/16" board.

ThinWraps of all sizes are wrapped around Gatorboard.
Each ThinWrap comes backed with two 3/4" thick lightweight foam blocks with holes drilled for easy hanging.

The mounting blocks hold the print away from the wall for a contemporary float effect.

Photo Coasters 

Durable, hard and glossy surface with cork back.
Coasters come in sets of 4 (only two are shown in this photo) and measure 3.75 x 3.75 inches. They're slightly more than 1/8th inch thick.
Coasters have good color reproduction, but not as accurate as photographic prints.

High-quality laminated poker deck. Finished size is 2.5" by 3.5" .
Playing cards have excellent color reproduction. Each deck comes in a sturdy clear plastic case.

You will see, or have already seen, examples of my photographic images by clicking here or on the "Photo Portfolio" link at left. Other examples of my photos also appear at the top of the various pages. 

Scroll down this page to see how my photographs are used on a wide variety of products. Purchases can be made through, my new photography gallery & sales site. Its galleries will enable you to browse through a wide variety of my photos taken around the globe. Some have appeared in my books and articles. 

Since this is a new site, only a few photos are currently posted. However, galleries will conveniently organize my photos by content. I will constantly add or change the pictures, so please don't hesitate to buy something you like when you see it. Contact me if you can't find what you want.
My photos come in a huge variety of sizes, printing finishes, and framing and mounting options. You can crop photos to meet your personal needs, or apply them to a host of merchandise items. You can even use my photos with your own words to create stunning photo greeting cards. Click on the photo banner below to explore the site.

I use Bay Photo to process my prints. Bay Photo is a professional lab in California renowned for its perfection in printing, mounting and shipping.

Printing and mounting options are explained below. Before you make an actual purchase at checkout, you can see a video clip that explains the choice. Don't worry; you can't buy something by mistake as you explore the options. 

Heavy, 310g paper with a subtle texture. This acid-free paper is 100% cotton fiber and is finished with a water-based protective spray.
The stunning colors and matte finish give printed photos the look of a masterpiece painting

6-4" Ceramic Tile Photo Mosaic 
Each tile is 4 x 4 inches, with extremely durable glossy finish and beveled edges.
Color reproduction is excellent.

Protective Coating  Guard your masterpiece against scratches and other surface damage. Protective Coating is available in Glossy and Lustre finishes to give you peace of mind.


Matte is flat, so why not upgrade your paper?
Choose from Pebble, Canvas or Linen surface surface textures to add subtle dimension to your finished print.

Stuff You Wear


Add a mat to give the photo a clean, professional finish. Available in three colors: Black, White and Off-White.

3/4" Standout 

Photo Tote Bag 

Photo tote bags are made from sturdy white canvas with navy blue bottom and straps. They are 14 inches deep by 19 inches wide.
Your image is printed on the front pocket and measures approximately 7 inches wide by 5 inches high on the bag.
Photo reproduction is good but not as accurate as photographic prints.

Try this elegant, lightweight option that gives your photo incredible presence, either propped up on its own or neatly framed the traditional way. Bevel Mounts create a ¼ inch border around your photo when viewed from the front. Choose from Black, Silver or Gold.

Refrigerator Magnets 

Refrigerator magnets come in two sizes: 3.5 x 5 and 2.5 x 3.5 inches. They have rounded corners and a matte finish.
The strong magnet will not allow it to slip on the refrigerator door. They are flexible, so they can conform to somewhat curved surfaces.
Color reproduction is  not quite as accurate as photographic prints

Frames & Mats

Photo Luggage Tag 
Made from exceptionally durable hard white plastic that doesn't bend.
At 2.75 x 4 inches, it's more square than 4x6.
The tag doesn't provide a slot for a business card. Color reproduction is nearly as accurate as on photographic prints.

Mount your prints on this rigid black foamboard to add durability and prevent warping and damage. Note: Gatorfoam is slightly thicker and lighter in weight than the Styrene backing.