Hurricane Bill

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Elephant Seals with Colds In Their Noses

(Fantasy and Fact in Antarctica)

The ever-changing play of light on rocks and water along the Maine coast turns even the most mundane day into a feast for the eyes and soul.
It's not just the coastline that takes your breath away. Photos of Corea and the Schoodic Peninsula show why residents and visitors alike tend to exclaim, "It's another glorious day in paradise!"
If you enjoy the ocean, lobster boats, wildlife and spectacular scenery, this book is for you.


The following books by Dr. Beth Parks are scheduled for publication in 2013. Watch for the clickable links to

(A Rhyming Tale Set in Antarctica)

(A Rhyming Tale Set in Borneo)

A young proboscis monkey worries because his nose is smaller than those of other males. when the others tease and bully him, he pulls and stretches and tugs on his nose to make it bigger. And then something happens....

Morris, a young male Adelie penguin in Antarctica, returns to his traditional rookery to mate and raise a family. He sadly discovers that a colony of Gentoo penguins has moved in and taken over the nesting site that his family has used for generations.
Gentoo penguins can tolerate ice-free consitions better than Adelies and are forcing the Adelies to move further south. Morris and his girlfriend must search for a chillier place to nest and raise their chicks.

Winning by a Nose

Too Hot for Penguins

(A Rhyming tale set in Maine's Acadia National Park.)

The Sea Cow

Welcome to my books page

A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life

Banner photos above: "Child and Temple Bell," Pokhara, Nepal - from A Is for Attitude (left); "Down at the Shoreline," Livingston Island, Antarctica - from Elephant Seals with Cold in Their Noses (middle); "Watery Amphitheater," Crowley Island, Corea, Maine - from Hurricane Bill (right). All photographs © 2013 by Beth Parks, Ed.D. (All rights reserved.) 

Why do some people thrive, while others appear to live under a cloud of misery and bad luck? The trends for specific individuals tend to hold true no matter who they are, where they live, how much money they have, or which religion they practice. Some people flourish. Others don't.

A Is for Attitude offers 26 concepts to help you dump the negatives in your life and latch onto the solid basics that will help you move forward and succeed. The concepts appear alphabetically from A to Z. Each concept is distilled down to 350 words or fewer to make it easy to understand and remember. The clear, straightforward style of A Is for Attitude makes it an effective guide and discussion base for everyone from teens to the elderly.

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Hurricane Bill was only the third hurricane, after Hurricane Gloria in 1985 and Hurricane Bob in 1999, to threaten the coast of Maine in 50 years.
As with most hurricane-level storms bound for Maine, Bill lost much of its power as it moved northward over the cold Atlantic waters.
The "old sea" left behind by Hurricane Bill on its way to Nova Scotia produced spectacular surf in Corea, Maine. Although onlookers generally remained safe, a rogue wave washed more than a dozen spectators into the sea at nearby Acadia National Park. A 7-year-old girl drowned.
The photos in this book showcase Corea's surf   on the afternoon of August 23, 2009.       

Corea, Maine: A Photo Portfolio of Corea and the Schoodic Peninsula

How miserable are you when you catch a cold? An elephant seal pup in Antarctica snags a bad one. The cold spreads through the colony much as it would through a family or classroom.
The first portion of Elephant Seals with Colds In Their Noses is a rhyming fantasy tale for children and those who like to read to them.
The book's section portion provides photos and facts to help children and adults learn about southern elephant seals. 

Welcome to my books page. I thoroughly enjoy producing picture books that appeal to all ages. My works feature my photographs, and may also include photo art and fanciful illustrations. 

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A young cow falls in love with a whale in this rhyming fantasy set in Maine's Acadia National Park. The Keeper of the Sea angrily disapproves of the match. What does he do when the cow disobeys him, and the cow and whale produce a son?

Danielle Armitage Demers' delightful illustrations breathe life into the story and help readers learn about the Acadia region and Maine's navigational buoys.

The book's short glossary helps young readers and listeners build their vocabularies.

You can purchase both paperback and Kindle versions on the book's amazon site. The "Look Inside" feature is available.  is available. 

Did you ever wish someone would hand you a recipe for a good and happy life? Here it is, sweet and simple.